We're the Brown Family

We’ve been living on our farm, raising our girls, for over 40 years.

From just 20 cows originally to an almost 1000-strong herd, the reputation of our Bidlea Girls – Holstein-Friesian cows – has seen them win both National and European awards.

We’ve been dairy farmers for three generations, and we intend to be dairy farmers for many more years to come. We don’t think you’ll find anyone who loves milk more than we do and we’re passionate about promoting the benefits of fresh farm milk, processed right here in Cheshire.

Our family

About Our Cows

For as long as we’ve had our dairy farm, we’ve only ever raised one herd. The Bidlea Herd.

They’re a really special breed of cows, and we really do love getting up at 3.30am every morning to milk them. They’re our girls. Their welfare means everything to us.

We know that healthy, happy cows make healthy, delicious milk.

Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for exceptional quality produce and exemplary animal husbandry. Because we care about our girls. We’re committed to giving them as free and natural an environment as possible, letting them enjoy the wonderful Cheshire countryside and the lives they lead.

We know that a cow’s temperament affects their milk, so we make sure our girls are as happy as they can be, so you get the highest quality and tastiest milk from them. Pure. Natural. Delicious.

We even milk our cows twice a day most days, because we know it reduces their stress and helps them enjoy their time out in the fields. Which is exactly where they spend most of their time, eating and socialising with each other!


Meet The Latest Generation

We’re Becky and Adam Brown, the latest generation of dairy farmers at Bidlea.

We’re continuing our family’s passion for high welfare, high quality, deliciously fresh milk, and we’re helping to bring Bidlea Milk to even more people around the Cheshire area.

We’re passionate about the nutritional benefits of milk, about our carbon footprint, and about the understanding and awareness of what makes milk so great.

Becky has a background in marketing and specialises in the advertising and design of the products, while Adam’s experience in farming allows him to take charge of running the family farm.

Together we’re focused on community engagement, sustainability and traceability, and simply promoting our delicious milk, straight from our farm in Cheshire.