Home to our Bidlea Milk – perfect for brews, breakfast and baking – or as a delicious drink straight from the glass.

We’ve been raising our Bidlea girls for three generations, with over 900 cows who now make up our herd. In fact, we can trace their ancestors back over 100 years – just like our family.

Our girls are our family. And that’s what makes our milk taste so good.

They eat the best, home-grown feed from Cheshire. They roam the luscious green countryside of our farm, outside for the majority of the year. And they enjoy a happy, content life, producing fresh delicious milk that’s high in protein and butter fat.

The best feed. The best welfare. The best milk. Simple really.




With Bidlea Dairy, you know exactly where the milk has come from: our local farm right here in the Cheshire countryside, just outside of Holmes Chapel. Our cows are raised here and milked here, and we process their milk here on-site too.

Delivered direct from our farm to you


We care about our girls like members of our family. The highest quality conditions, the happiest cows, and the tastiest milk. We have a strict non-GMO policy, making sure our girls only eat natural, home-grown feed.

So you get pure, natural, fresh milk.

Man and Cow

The Herd

Our family herd of over 900 Holstein-Friesian cows is second to none. We’ve built our reputation with this breed because they are truly wonderful. They’re well suited to life on our farm in Cheshire, and love to be milked.

They are beautiful animals: good-natured, calm and content.


The Land

In order to keep our cows happy, we cultivate the farmland around us and allow smaller ecosystems to flourish. Everything our herd eats is grown in the Cheshire countryside either by us, or by our carefully selected providers.

We’re passionate about a sustainable, green countryside.